Available from 5000 btu to 24000 btu 115v / 230v. 50 hz or 60 hz
Reverse cycle condensing units are available from 6000 btu to 60,000 btu Also available in voltage of 230v, 220-240v, 380 and 480v, single or 3 phase 50 hz or 60 hz
Quality Assurance
Contaminant-free, nitrogen purged assemble procedures.
Each units is pre-charged, test run in all operating modes and leak checked
Charge Guard protection provides sealed assess ports, ensuring environmental protection and system integrety
All units meet or exceed applicable ABYC and US coast Guard regulations, CE Directives and general Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry (ARI) standards
Chiller Compact
Available from 16000 btu to 24000 btu 115v / 230v. 50 hz or 60 hz
Modular Chiller - MCW Series
Available from 24000 btu to 180000 btu 115, 230, 380, 460 v. 50 hz or 60 hz Single or 3 phase
Staged Chiller - SCW Series
Capacity from 8 ton to 75 tons No. of stages from 2 to 5
Advantages M.A.S. Chilled Water System Vs. Airect Expansion Solit System
No refrigeration line sets and mechanical flare fittings which are subject to leaking refrigerant over time-thus eliminating refrigerant repair within living quarters
Environmentally friendly as hermatically sealed modules
No EPA certified technician required for startup or field installation
Flexible hose is easier to install and insulate comapred to semi regid copper refrigerant lines sets
Provide full cooling capacity to areas which require fast pull downs from hot starts
Most applications result in a fewer number of compressors which increases reliability, reduces weight and conserves power

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