Available in 3 sizes
38mm 11/2" Black & White Cat 1260B/W
25mm 1" Black & White Cat 1313B/W
19mm 3/4" Black & White Cat 1314B/W
Spare Part Kits available
Contains Valve Cap & Peg
Black or White Cat 1298B
Below water skin Fittings available in Black and White
Available sizes
3/4”BSP 19mm ID Cat 1253B
1”BSP 24mm ID Cat 1253C
11/4”BSP 31.5mm ID Cat 1253D
11/2”BSP 37mm ID Cat 1253E
2”BSP 48mm ID Cat 1253F
Above water skin Fittings available in White only
Available sizes
3/4” BSP 19mm Tail Cat 1289B
1” BSP 25mm Tail Cat 1289C
1” BSP 28mm Tail Cat 1289D
11/4” BSP 32mm Tail Cat 1289E
11/2”BSP 38mm Tail Cat 1289F
All Skin Fittings are supplied complete with a Nylon Washer to increase locknut support on through hull assembly. These glass Reinforced Nylon Skin Fittings eliminate corrosion and avoid electrolysis problems.
Manufactured in super tough Glass Reinforces Nylon 6 Clear identification as to which port is in the closed position. Versatile design with screw in ports to satisfy all applications.
Aquatail sizes
19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm. ¾” 1” 11/4” 11/2 38mm 11/2”120° and 90° Bends available.
Stainless Steel fastenings.
Designed for Bulkhead attachment.
Pressure tested to 300 PSI.
Each valve seal tested.
Full service and parts backup.
Available in Black or White.
Lockable feature.
Each valve supplied with spanner.
(Complete with Port Seals) As supplied
Through Bulkhead Model
Cat No 1169TB
Aquavalve Spanner Cat No 1176
Supplied with Aquavalve®
Assembly Instructions
Check Red Port Seal is positioned at base of thread on Aquavalve
Screw in Aquatail and tighten up with Aquavalve Spanner provided
Do not over tighten
Do not use Solvent, PTFE Tape or Silicone to seal threads
Always connect inlet hose to Port marked “INLET”
Available in 4 sizes
19mm 3/4" Cat No. 296A
25mm 1" Cat No. 296B
32mm 11/4" Cat No. 296A
38mm 11/2" Cat No. 296D
Tread size 11/2"BSP
Seal Kit Cat No 1187
Contains: 1xO Ring, 1X Silicon seal, 1xSeal holder & grease sachet
Aquavalve Bend
90° bend – 11/2 BSP with 25mm hose adaptor including Blue Seal – Black or White
38mm Hose Adapter Cat No. 1195
25mm Hose Adapter Cat No. 1403
Aquavalve Below
120° bend – 11/2 BSP with 25mm hose adaptor including Blue Seal – Black or White
38mm Hose Adapter Cat No. 1212
25mm Hose Adapter Cat No. 1404
Electrical Specification
Cat No 1378A 13788
Supply Voltage 12v DC 24v DC
Stand-by current 0.04A 0.028A
OperatingvCurrent 3.3A 1.2A
Stall current 20A 8.4A
Available in 3 sizes
25, 25, 28mm
25, 25, 25mm
38, 38, 38mm
Hose connectors to join 19mm and 13mm
Available in 2 sizes
13mm - 13mm
19mm - 19mm
A range of reducers to connect different size hoses
Available in 5 sizes
19mm - 13mm
19mm - 16mm
25mm - 19mm
32mm - 25mm
38jmm - 25mm

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